Welcome to Bangalore  Magic

Welcome to Bangalore Magic

Skeptics may tell you that Bangalore doesn’t have much to offer tourists, but we beg to differ!

Come see the city through our eyes; and you’ll find a wonderful mix of the old and the new.

There are medieval temples and monuments, side by side with British-era structures. There are post-Independence buildings and Silicon Valley style offices. There are vibrant traditional bazaars as well as modern malls. There are beautiful gardens, where Bangalore’s fitness enthusiasts spend many mornings. There are art galleries and museums, as well as venues showcasing dance, music and theatre. The people are warm and friendly and the old ways of life are still very much visible. A few days in Bangalore will give you a great introduction to many diverse facets of India.

The one thing we must warn you about is the crazy Bangalore traffic. It helps if you stay at centrally located hotels so that you avoid long drives across the length of the city in slow-moving traffic. Please ask us for advice if you need help with hotel selection.

Bangalore is the gateway to many other destinations in South India. There are interesting day excursions to historical places around the city. There are also longer South India itineraries which you can plan, starting in Bangalore, and heading through Karnataka into Kerala and Tamil Nadu. If you tell us how many days you have, we would be happy to recommend an itinerary based on your interests.

Take a look at the tour menu on the right, to find something best suited to your needs. If there’s something you’d like to do which is not on this list, we’d be happy to organise a customised tour. To book a tour or to ask a question, write to deepa@magictoursofindia.com or magictours@live.com