The Story of Bangalore
The Story of Bangalore

When: All days of the week
Starts: At 9:00 a.m. at your hotel
Ends: Around 4:00 pm at your hotel
Timings may vary depending on your hotel location

What this tour is about:
This is a full day personalized exploration of Bangalore, tracing the history of the city from its founding to the present day. The tour is a mix of walking and driving; with a break in between for lunch.

Places we will visit:
The city of Bangalore was founded in the 1500s by a chieftain named Kempe Gowda, who built a mud-fort. The mud fort doesn’t exist any more, but the four towers that Kempe Gowda II laid to mark the boundaries of the city still stand. We will start the tour with a visit to one of these towers, located in what is now called the Lalbagh Gardens.

The Lalbagh Gardens were laid out in the mid-1700s when Bangalore came under the rule of Haidar Ali and then his son Tipu Sultan. The beautiful planned pleasure gardens of Tipu Sultan were further developed by subsequent administrations, earning Bangalore its sobriquet The Garden City. We will visit Tipu’s Summer Palace (not far from Lalbagh). Although it is in need of restoration, it is a good example of the wooden architecture of the time.

Tipu Sultan lost his life in battle with the British; who went on to establish a Military Cantonment Town in Bangalore in the 1800’s. Our tour takes us to the Cantonment areas, visiting one of its old churches, as well as its residential areas, army areas, and bazaar areas.

While the Cantonment was administered by the British, the rest of Bangalore was technically under the Maharajah of Mysore (the Wodeyar family). We will visit the Palace of the Wodeyars, to see the interesting history of this family.

After the British left India, a grand government building called the Vidhana Soudha was built to house the three arms of the Indian government. The Vidhana Soudha, with its hybrid architecture and Indian motifs, was positioned directly opposite the British-designed Attara Kacheri. We will drive past these grand government buildings for photo-stops; and also see the nearby Cubbon Park.

Lastly, if you are interested in seeing “India’s Silicon Valley”, we will drive through one of Bangalore’s technical hubs before dropping you at your hotel.

Cost and How to Book:
Cost and timings vary depending on the number of people, as well as pickup/drop location. Please write to or for details.