Bangalore Shopping Tour
Bangalore Shopping Tour

When: All days of the week
Starts: At your hotel
Ends: At your hotel
Duration: Based on your location and interests

What this tour is about:
This is a personalised shopping tour with a knowledgeable lady who can show you how to shop like a local. Bangalore offers one of India’s best shopping experiences; with everything under the sun – fabrics, readymade garments, handicrafts, curios, furniture, home accessories and jewellery. The best way to do this tour is by car, so that you can get from one place to another easily.

Places we visit:
The places we visit depend on your interests. There is street shopping for those who wish to bargain, as well as boutiques, large stores and malls. Let us know where you are staying and we will suggest how best to use the time available.

Cost and How to Book:
Cost and timings vary depending on the number of people, as well as pickup/drop location. Please write to or for details.